What are the uses of log splitters

Log splitters as the name suggests are used for log splitting. There are small splitters which are used for homes and there are commercial units which are available as well. These commercial splitters are used as part of the firewood processors. What is usually done by the Best log splitters is that for commercial use, the logs of timber are sawed into lengths and they are split and then they are carried up the conveyor and put on either a pile or into bags, trucks or even trailers. The specialty producers are used for industries such as the ones for producing maple syrup.


The maple syrup units have 4 foot length logs. There are also various machines which divide and point the wood for posts for fences. This is a more convenient and better as well as safer option for posts to be sawed.

The cost of domestic gas and oil for heating has increased to the extent that there are always searches for alternative sources of fuel. Therefore wood which is carbon neutral is burned. The wood burning stoves which are presently in use are efficient as well as safe and therefore, more people are considering of switching to wood burning for economical as well as ecological reasons.


The Best log splitter saves hours of labor costs however, this should only be handled by people who are experienced as anything which is between the log and the blade will be subject to at least 10 tons of pressure. That is the reason why the Hydraulic log splitter which are now available have two handed operations. In this both hands are needed for the splitter to be actuated and so this works as a precautionary measure for the splitter and keeps the workers hands out of the way and so safe.


How do you choose a log splitter

There are different kinds and varieties of log splitters. There are vertical splitters as well as the horizontal ones and there are heavy duty ones as well. When you want to buy the Best log splitters you need to first understand the categorizations as well as what circumstances these machines will be used in. In the case of log splitters, you may not require the most powerful machinery for the kind of purpose you want to put the log splitter too. Therefore, you need to consider the various factors before making your decision.

The Best log splitter for you is not the one that will have the most power but will suit your needs in the best possible way. There are different categorizations like an Electric log splitter as well as a Hydraulic log splitter. These log splitters do not cut the wood the way axes do – using swinging movements but they split the log by applying force using a wedge which is powered by the hydraulic pump which works just like a battering ram.


Log splitters have different pressures which range from 500 up to 3500 per square inch. The greater the diameter of the cylinder of the hydraulic pump, the more the pressure will be. The golden rule which is there for splitters is that for hardwood a Janka Hardness Rating of 900 lbf should be chosen with a diameter which exceeds 12 inches. Therefore, you can choose a heavy duty log splitter which can range between 22 and 30 tons.


When choosing this machinery another important aspect to check is the power source which is required by the log splitter. There are various kinds such as corded electric ones, engines which are gas powered as well as log splitters which are tractor operated.